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Portrait glamour modern beauty
Portrait glamour modern beauty
Portrait glamour modern beauty diverse woman of color

As women, there are so many amazing facets to who we are.

We define ourselves as Mothers, Daughters, Career-Women, Caretakers, Wives, Lovers, Friends.


At the same time, we are bombarded with images and ideals of who and what we should be.


Definitions often completely removed from who we actually are.


Yet when we remove all those external definitions and get down to the basics, 


When we are reminded of who we are at our core, 


We allow ourselves to recognize those characteristics


That truly define us as women.


We are charming, funny and intelligent.


We are warm-hearted, goofy, silly and sassy.


We are playful, sexy, sensual.


We are bold, strong, and beautiful feminine beings.


And when we are reminded of these traits - 


When we are show our own unique, complex, beautiful light -  


A light that is a combination of everything we are - 


We are profoundly changed.




Because it is a true definition of our beauty based on who we are


As individuals


And on the choices we have made that have led us to the lives we have lived


And these beautiful faces and bodies that have carried us through those experiences.


A portrait session with me allows you to revel in, 


Or perhaps for the first time really see for yourself, 


The self-confidence and power


Which drawns from being reminded of your own


Authentic, Genuine, Personal Beauty - 


Beauty that can only be defined by you.




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