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B E A U T Y   &   B O U D O I R

M Y   B I G G E S T   F E A R   W A S   T H A T   I   A M   N O T   B E A U T I F U L   E N O U G H

“My biggest fear was that I’m not beautiful enough to take serious photos of myself. It seemed silly to me to pretend to be super-glamorous. But none of that was true - it was genuine and fun and made me feel more beautiful than I have ever felt before. If you can get photos taken by Happy in her studio, she will make you look and feel beautiful, and you’ll be thrilled with the experience and images. I’d particularly emphasize that Happy, as a person, is someone special, with a deep heart, a strong intellect and an amazing skill for helping you see your own beauty. ”                                                                   - M.K.


I   L O O K   L I K E   M E,   B U T   W A Y   M O R E   S E X Y

“I look like me, but way more sexy! I was amazed how Happy could make a tomboy like me look so beautiful! i look at my photos and feel empowered and beautiful! Every women should do this for herself. Everything about the experience was worth it! I am so glad I did this! I love showing off my photos!”                                                                                         - C.H.  

I S   T H A T   R E A L L Y   M E?

“My first response when I saw the images at the reveal was ‘Is that really me? I look so pretty!!’  Happy really knows how to bring out your true beauty, and I love how I walked out of my session feeling powerful and like I could take on the world! She made me see myself in a new way, and I am definitely coming back again!”                                                                    - I.K


I   W A N T E D   T O   D O   IT   F O R   M Y S E L F

“I wanted a portrait session because I wanted some beautiful images for my family. When my daughter got married, we received some beautiful family portraits, but the bridal images were stunning. And I felt I wanted to do that for myself, as well. I am so happy with the images that Happy provided. She made me feel very comfortable, her guidance in posing made it super easy to get the images we both wanted, and I love the printed images. It is completely different to see something digitally, and then to see it in your hands. Thank you so much, Happy, for these beautiful images I and my family will cherish forever.”                                                                                                                                                                                     - L.B.

L O V E   S E S S I O N S

IT   F E L T   L I K E   A    T H E R A P Y   S E S S I O N

“The session with Happy was completely not what I expected. We came out of it feeling like we had just been through a couple’s therapy session.  [My partner] is usually a bit reticent with sharing his emotions openly, but Happy made us feel so comfortable with her and in front of the camera that I heard things from him that I had never heard before. Thank you so much, Happy, for giving us this experience of focusing on the love between us. You captured it beautifully.”             - J.S. 


S H E   R E A L L Y   C A P T U R E D   T H E   L O V E   B E T W E E N   US

“The experiential photography aspect of this made the session super fun. Happy walked us through the experience starting with something light and fun, then as time went on the ‘invitations’ felt more intimate and emotional, and Happy made the entire experience feel really easy. We really enjoyed that it was not just the usual posed pictures, but really liked the opportunity to connect with each other - almost like Happy was not there! I highly recommend experiencing one of these sessions with Happy. She really captured the love between us and we love looking at our images all the time and remembering that day.”                                                                                                                                                          - G.F.


T H E   E X P E R I E N C E   I S   U N F O R G E T T A B L E

“We are not really the touchy-feely-mushy type of couple, but Happy made it fun and super easy to express ourselves in a way that we usually do not. I have done a boudoir session with Happy so I was already familiar with her and felt very comfortable with her, so I knew she would be able to bring out different expressions between my partner that I that we usually do not express. At one point she made us tear up...and then she teared up...and then she  warned us to not worry if she tears up, too...which of course made us laugh. Definitely do a session with will love the images and the experience is unforgettable.”                                                                                                                                                                        - K.M.

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