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Passion.                Respect.      Friendship.

 Silliness.       Intimacy.  

Shared Sense of Humor.          Tenderness.

Yearning.       Goofiness.       Safe Space. 

Strength.               Togetherness.               Understanding.                     

      Warm-heartedness.        Playfulness.                 


Unconditional Support.                       Adoration.   


What is a LOVE Session? 

It is a hands on, have fun, feel good, photographic adventure, allowing you to celebrate and explore. 
It is a heart-centric, imagination-rich, multi-sensory connection experience.  
It is a rekindling experience, a rediscovery - allowing you to fall in love again...and reminding you why you fell in love.
It is an experience of the heart that gives truth a voice, gives relationships strength, and gives love flight.
It is a chance to tell the ones you love why, and just how much, they matter to us.
It is a way to remember the aspects of your relationship that should never be forgotten. 
It is about removing the distance that builds between people.
It is about creating a language that helps people who love each other find their way home. 

It is a moment in time that allows you to reflect on the experiences of your life and those with whom you share it.

Intrigued? I promise it is an experience like no other.

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